Our Services

BioNap provides strategic consulting and advisory services to clients in the biopharmaceutical and medical device sector. Our services are designed to provide market research and intelligence, product expansion and optimization, partnering support, and expert insight throughout negotiations and agreement execution. BioNap can assist in securing partnerships or optimizing development strategies for assets in all stages of development. We marry together scientific, market, commercial, and financial expertise to provide insightful and actionable guidance.

Market Assessments: BioNap provides competitive market research and product positioning analysis. The BioNap network includes the use of outside consults, PhDs, MDs, and MBAs to help provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis for our clients. We are experts in scientific and financial due diligence and can assist clients in asset valuations and competitive market intelligence. BioNap has worked with numerous clients over the past few years conducting market research, writing White Papers, and providing guidance on clinical and regulatory strategy.

Intelligence Services: BioNap Intelligence services are designed to maximize our clients' investor relations efforts and allow for enhances strategic communications with investors. Our services include:

- Assistance in Obtaining Sponsored Research
- Recommendations on Outside Investor Relations Firms
- Review of Existing Investor Presentations and Materials
- Advice on Social Media Usage and Outreach Programs
- Recommendations on Presenting at Investor Conferences
- Writing Market Overview and Analysis for SEC Filings (S/1, Form 10K, etc...)

Pipeline Rationalization: BioNap can perform an assessment of existing preclinical and clinical development programs and provide advice on rationalization procedures for minimizing cost and maximizing the likelihood of success. BioNap pipeline optimization involved in-depth PubMed search activities and a detailed analysis of the existing competitive environment that is designed to help our clients both narrow and expand the indication focus for lead and deprioritized product candidates.

Sell-Side Advisory: BioNap Sell-Side Advisory provides advice and transaction support services designed to help secure research, development, and commercial partnerships for our clients that infuse non-dilutive capital into the organization and create shareholder value. BioNap provides a customized approach to achieve the highest probability of successfully for our clients. Sell Side Advisory support services include:

- Traditional Out-licensing
- Option Agreements
- Co-Development Agreements
- Asset Divestitures
- Research and Discovery Collaborations
- Distribution Agreements
- Co-Promotion Partnerships

Buy-Side Advisory: BioNap Buy-Side Advisory services are designed to help secure assets for our clients that strengthen development pipelines or generate revenues for a commercial organization. Our experience as equity research analysts allows us to understand and help implement the right strategy for our clients that will maximize shareholder value. Buy Side Advisory services include:

- In-licensing
- Acquisitions
- Research and Discovery Collaborations
- Commercial Partnerships

Call or Email jason@bionapinc.com for additional information on how we can help with our customizable advisory services.

Thank you,
Jason Napodano