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About BioNap

BioNap Consulting, Inc. (BioNap™) is an investor intelligence and strategic advisory firm that offers unique services to both investors and biopharmaceutical companies. We produce high-quality independent and fee-based research on companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sector. Fee-based research can be paid by pharmaceutical companies to create sponsored research (investor intelligence) or by investors (custom research) to receive an independent assessment of a potential investment in the biopharma sector. We also offer strategic advisory services to biopharma companies, including business development and buy/sell-side transaction support.

My name is Jason Napodano and I founded BioNap Consulting in July 2015. I have been a professional equity research analyst and investor in biopharma stocks for the past two decades. My strengths include a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and an ability to effectively communicate, often at times complicated scientific or financial metrics, to both institutional and individual investors. I am a former bench scientist turned financial analysts. I have significant experience in financial modeling and product competitive analysis. My goal is to use these tools to help individuals make more informed investment decisions and to provide biopharma companies with strategic advice on investor relations and business development activities.

BioNap Consulting provides both sponsored and independent equity research, due diligence, valuation analysis, market research, strategic advice on M&A or product in/out-licensing opportunities, and Wall Street insight. We have experience in the investor relations and business development. We understand social media and how to both educate and engage with investors to maximize investor outreach and communication efforts.

BioNap is not an investment advisor. Our fee-based research articles are written to educate and inform investors. We pride ourselves on the fact that when we publish industry statistics, clinical data, epidemiology, etiology, or physiology background information, our readers can trust our sources and know we are providing fair and balanced work. Our facts are clearly sourced to medical journals, professional associations, or well-respected industry research. We speak with and often question management directly as part of our research process, and we let investors know what management thinks by clearly prefacing published statements. And when we state opinions, we do so by using phrases such as "I believe" or "I think" so that investors can clearly distinguish between fact and opinion in our work. BioNap has a commitment to full disclosure consistent with federal securities regulations.

I previously worked for Zacks Investment Research covering the small and mid-cap biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical industry between 2003 and 2015. Before Zacks, I spent three years on the buy-side with Eastover Capital in Charlotte, NC where I focused on large-cap equities, specializing in healthcare, energy, and technology.

Before joining Eastover, I worked as a research scientist for TechLab, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing diagnostic kits and vaccines for infectious diseases. I also spent a year working in a lab at the Fralin Biotechnology Center in Blacksburg, VA, and a year working at Virginia Tech for a university professor doing cancer research. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry from Virginia Tech and an M.B.A. with a concentration in Securities Analysis from Wake Forest University.